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29. Apr. 2012

weeks 16 and 17

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Due to my change of routine (trip to Rio de Janeiro) I ended up not posting the pictures of week 16, so, not to let it go missing I decided to post the last two weeks in this post :) This post will not have many pictures because I’ve already posted most of the ones I took in Rio and this last week I focused on the pictures for the exhibition (which I can’t show you before the opening) :P

Week 16!

♥ (52) weeks of Honey:

I chose this picture for the week because it represents a very special day :)

Somewhere in the sky

I don't know...I like this one!

Luquinhas, Tati e Negão, the cats that kept me company in Rio :)

Thursday: Tourist day with Lu x)

Friday: Visa day (yay!), tour downtown and snacks with Mirna and Lara

Saturday: readers’ get-together Brenda, Lu, Zilah and Tiago, Carol, Beatriz, Amanda and Ana

 (52) ♥ Weeks:

I couldn’t take many pictures with Thi before my trip :|

Week 17!

♥ (52) weeks of Honey:

Picture I took to celebrate the arrival of my passport with the American visa \o/

Sunday and Monday: Tourist day and meeting loved ones :)

Random pictures of my last night in Rio.

Tuesday: day for going out with Telminha (my nanny forever), Flavinho and Joana. Also the day to go back to Curitiba!

(I’ll write a post later with pictures of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Rio)

Happy with the cold weather I found in Curitiba!

Spock, the most beautiful dog in the universe *-*

On Saturday there was a bloggers/readers get-together organized by  Helaine and Sheilla. I’ll write a post telling you about it and showing you the pictures I took there. I “stole” this one from Núbia :D

 (52) ♥ Weeks:

On Saturday, before watching “My Week with Marilyn”

On Saturday, buying tickets for “The Avengers”

Thi took my camera and started taking pictures of me…

Dinner/snack before movie

Happy with 3D glasses after the movie

Celebrating the cold weather in Kharina after the movie

Wow, the post had many more pictures than I had imagined o.O

Thanks for the love, guys!


27. Apr. 2012

Laura Wrona and her beautiful voice

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A long time ago, when I posted this look I mentioned a singer with a sweet voice: Laura Wrona (I remember you liked her) :)

So, I decided to write this post to let you know that she’s released her first album: R. H. Volcano. I’ve already listened to it (there are 7 tracks in total) and I believe you’re gonna like it (I loved it, just for the record)

If you like good music check the website right away (click here) and listen to *all* the songs! My favorites are luzlinda, sofrendo + and fat cat mood.

It’s really nice to get to know talented Brazilian artists. And supporting them is just as good as listening to them, right? Let’s spread her music throughout the world \o/

So, which songs did you like the most?

Thanks for everything guys!


Laura, I don’t know if you’re reading this, but if you are please try to fit Curitiba into your  next tour, ok? :)