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04. Apr. 2014

Everything is going to be ok & You are so loved


I’ve bought these books on Book Depository on February 12th right after I’ve saw this photo on Zoella’s instagram. They’ve got me by the titles and the spines. So lovely!

These books are a collection of inspiring images (photos and draws) that make you feel happiness, hope and love. Sometimes you just want to sit down and read something that make you smile and feel inspired, right? So, these books are great for that!

Both books are lovely and inspiring but, to be honest, there are some photos that I didn’t really like but they made me think “how would I take a photo with this message” (so it was good for my imagination hehe). One thing that bothered me is that some images were splited…

Many readers ask me (almost every day) if I think about publishing a book (some publishers ask it too). The truth is that since I’ve created my flickr on 2007 I want to publish a book like these two: full of pictures I’ve took, to make people feel happy and inspired. I still have this dream and I believe that one day I’ll have at least one book just like I imagine.

Yesterday I’ve published my first book review in English on my Youtube Channel and I did it in a different format. The video isn’t exactly like I’ve imagined but I liked it anyway and I’m really excited do make more videos like this one.

I hope you have enjoyed!

Thanks for all!


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