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17. Apr. 2012

Lita FS’s anniversary

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Well, as I told you in the previous post, on Saturday I went to a get-together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Thata’s store, Lita FS. It was very pleasant and fun. I was so amazed to see all those beautiful fall/winter clothes! I want everything, what do I do now? Haha

I think the best way to show you how many beautiful things I saw is by showing you the pictures I took there, right?

(I’ll write a post teaching you how to decorate hangers soon)

I went with Lou (my sister in law) and Patti :)

Pictures taken by Lou (guys, I took the glass just to pose haha)

Lou :)

Patti :)

Cute Inês :)

Delicious cupcakes by Miss Cupcake! It’s a pity I can’t eat without getting all messed up haha :)

Now some of the clothes that made my eyes sparkle:

Amazing flowered skirt

Skirt with lace details

GORGEOUS pleaded ribbon dress *-*

Super cute dragon flies dress

Golden metalized jacket *-*

Guess who’s the only one wearing flats?

Ok girls, let’s take a picture in the mirror!

Lou and Thata (Lucky Lou, she was one of the giveaway’s winners!)

Some of the looks that the (super kind) model wore:

Well, those were some of the pictures I took (there’s a lot of photographable stuff there). I hope you liked!

Thanks for everything, guys!